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Development Areas

The government has identified the first four main land development areas for housing. These areas are Ashford, the Thames Gateway, the London-Stansted corridor and Milton Keynes.

Labour strategists are already planning to cut restrictions on building on green belt land in the manifesto. Mr Blair told colleagues he is unsentimental about the green belt because he fears that "a whole generation" of young people is in danger of being priced out of buying their own homes unless the South-East sees more housebuilding in the next five years.
Source: Evening Standard - 17/06/04

We believe that land development will need to include many acres of green belt land. The UK Deputy Prime Minister, and more recently the Communities and Local Government have agreed to ensure that any green belt land that is developed will be replaced with additional green belt classified land.

In 2001, just 61% of new housing development was on brownfield sites. Since 1997, an additional 30,000 hectares of new green belt land has been designated or proposed.

Sustainable communities: building for the future

The Challenge
To ensure that in tackling housing shortages we protect the countryside and enhance its quality rather than create urban sprawl.

To address the housing needs of rural communities who are often the guardians of the countryside.

The Response
We will make best use of land by ensuring the majority of additional housing is on previously developed land. We are giving English Partnerships a new strategic role to find and assemble land, especially brownfield and publicly owned land, for sustainable development. EP will also be ensuring that the strategic sites they already own in high demand areas are effectively used.

We will ensure that where greenfield land must be used, where housing pressures are greatest, that it is not used wastefully.

We will protect the countryside for the benefit of all.

We will increase the supply of affordable housing in small rural settlements.

View the full Sustainable communities: building for the future report published by the Communities and Local Government -

Land Development Areas
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